Murillo "The Grape and Melon Eaters"

The relentless bombing of my home city Essen, Germany during the latter part of the World War II resulted in my being shipped off to School Schloss Salem. The school was part of an old Cistercian monastery built in 1134. All ceilings were covered with holy pictures and on the walls in the cross-walks abbots of past centuries looked benignly down on you. Every Sunday evening we were required to attend concerts in the school sitting room on the third floor. On the inside wall of the room hung a superb copy of Murillo's "The Grape and Melon Eaters". I enviously looked at these boys, their freedom to eat the wonderful grapes and melons. We were hungry all the time during those horrible years. About 11 years later in Vancouver a former school mate showed me a picture of the "Beggars" in Time magazine. She asked: "do you remember this?" - I used this print to paint a copy of the "Melon Eaters" on an old window-blind while I was working at the Banff Springs Hotel in 1957. Until 2010 the copy was hanging in our living room here on Quadra Island. - People have asked me why I painted the copy. - No doubt, Memories were the driving force! - But art was also important - I liked the painting but could not afford to buy a copy, therefore, I learn to paint to have my own. - 60 years later in 2009 I returned to School Schloss Salem. Many improvements had been made but in the living room the old Murillo’s was no longer on the inside wall.- I hope my copy will fill that empty space for the enjoyment of our future youth at the school.
130 cm
100 cm
Oil on Window blind
not for sale
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