Mentor Program from 1998 to December 31.2010

Soapstone Studio
350 Until Road, PO Box 621
Quathiaski Cove
Quadra Island, BC V0P 1N0

Soapstone Carving by others great carvers
( Mentor Program 1998 - 2010)


In 1998 I was asked, if I would be willing to teach interested parties to carve soapstone? The answer was "yes". Thus, I had a number of senior high school students carve their own sculptures as part of the practicum before graduation. They produces very nice sculptures. Many other carvers of all ages and background have followed the high school students over the years until December 2010

Many times I've been asked: "how long does it takes to carve a sculpture?" - the answer to this question depends on the subject matter of the sculpture and/or the aptitude of the carver (one students may do a sculpture in two hours while another will take two years), but most of my students left the studio with a nice sculpture after seven days.


Our home and studio was located on the ocean over looking Marina and Cortes Islands as well as, the Coastal Mountains to the east. We still receive guests who can stay in our cottage/suite but I will not provide the Mentor Program any longer.







Markus Holdener  


The weeks prior to coming to Chris’s were spent dreaming of what I would carve.  Hours of sketching ideas:  owls, eagles, turtles, seals, and even ibexes. But when I was faced with a pile of rock, all those ideas melted away and I found myself confronting my first and greatest obstacle of this creation – Choosing the rock and deciding what to carve!  With Chris’s experience and wisdom guiding me through this process, I finally decided to carve one of my true passions: Powder skiing.  “Bring movement into it” Chris suggested.  And with those few words I could see it.  Then with a few precise cuts by Chris, I was on my way.  From there the rock took form as I captured the feeling I experience floating effortlessly through deep snow. Freedom. Markus Holdener 17 April 2010.

Hours: 34

Weight:177/101 lb

H:43 cm, W:50cm, L: 33 cm




I called it Quadrino for 4 different Cultures captured in my sculptur.- 3 of which I got to know on my travels and one of my own.

20 hours of creative work


Original weight: 103 lb.

Final weight: 74

Height: 42 cm

Wide: 38 cm

Long: 20 cm

Elizabeth (Betty) Millham  


27 February 2010

Originally Betty wrote a poem about the process of carving but it took her longer to write than carve "Itself".Her literary creation was also too long to replicate here but Betty sent the following e-mail:

"I was experiencing many new things while visiting Quadra Island. The opportunity arose to do a stone carving so I jumped at the chance. Initially I planned to do something “little” for a beginner, then boldly and naively chose to do a bear because of a significant bear encounter I had had. Chris demonstrated the stone material, tools. The tools were familiar and of course it looked so easy in the hands of a skilled sculptor. The bear changed as the work progressed, mistakes made and a continuous interaction of looking at the whole and the parts, a fascinating mental and visual experience.

Chris is a mentor not only skilled as a sculptor but wise with people and the process of learning and carving. I am ever so thankful for such wise counsel. I call my creation “Itself” for it started as something in my mind, but as layers were removed it became “Itself”.

A Bear hug, Betty"

Original weight : 90 lb - Final weight: 53 lb

29 cm H, 33 cm L, 25 cm W


Dwayne Simeon  
Dwayne Simeon is a master carver of authentic, traditional museum quality North West Coast native art. Dwayne was born in Campbell River BC. In 1960. His heritage is Likwata (Cape Mudge) Haida and Squamish. He began his artistic career in 1974 with painting. He then went on to Victoria, BC. Where he trained under masters Tony Hunt, John Livingstone and Calvin Hunt, learning the art of carving. In 1981 he took training in jewelry making at the Vancouver Vocational Institute. Dwayne's art has been his "soul" job since his teen years. Dwayne's effort to increase cultural awareness through his art continue.

The Salmon & the Eagles

The first soapstone sculpture
Carved by Dwayne Simeon

on October 5. 2009
Dwayne Simeon started this
sculpture from a  40 lb rock of
Brazilian Soapstone.

Weight:  22 lb
Height:   24 cm
Length:  28 cm
Width:    15 cm

Michael Price  

Michael Price

Master Carver

Cape Nudge, Quadra Island,
BC. Canada
(250) 285-2586

Michael Price was born August 3rd. 1975 in Campbell River, BC. His father is a member of the Likwata First Nation at Cape Mudge, Quadra Island, BC. Michael’s mother is from Village Island, BC. - The Mamalillikula First Nation.

Michael started carving in his late teens and he soon realized that this was becoming his life’s vocation. He is self-taught and over years he has become one of the best West Coast Native carvers.

His artwork can be found throughout Canada and the USA and in the homes of private citizens of Vancouver Island. There are various examples of his art in local resorts on Quadra Island.

Michael carves primarily in Red and Yellow Cedar. In August 2009 he carved his first beautiful sculptures the Tsonokwa and Komokwa in Soapstone at my Studio. Who was the teacher, who was the student that is the question?
Lucas McIlroy  

Lucas McIlroy from Edmonton Alberta carved the 17x10 cm seal in 4 hours August 10 to11.2009. His comments of the experience are:

“When I came to Chris’s house at eleven in the morning on Tuesday August 10 I didn’t fully know what to expect, because up to that point in my life I had never done anything remotely close to Soapstone carving. After Chris received the news he laughed and grabbed a small piece of Soapstone (large to me) and said what I see is a seal. Chris then proceeded to get me all geared up and show me how to use the carving tools, leaving me to do my worst. After 4 hours of grinding down the soapstone I finally achieved something that looked at least a little bit like a seal. Considering it was my first project I am very pleased and have had an unforgettable experience along the way.”

Niels de Prest  

Niels de Prest from Holland did 16 Hours of creations over four afternoons/evenings in July 2009

On August 20.2009 Niels wrote:

“I first met Chris Rose at a Quadra Island artist potluck. I thought he was a very interesting and funny fellow (not from a Funny-Farm). He offered me to try some carving. A new experience I didn't want to miss. I have never created something worthy the name "Art".
To get the feel for the air and electrical powered tools, a small stone was picked to be my first victim. Soapstone is surprisingly soft and easy to carve. I didn't have any problems and gradually a medium sized shark tooth pendent came to life. Chris checked a couple of times how the stone and I where doing - we both where doing fine.
Chris recognized my style of carving and had a couple of hints that made in fact the end result even nicer. He knows when you can continue carving or stop to create a nice sculpture.
My second creation, an Easter Island head came out just the way I wanted it. It took me a couple of hours but time flies when you're having fun! It's a great feeling when you are creating something that actually looks good and is easy to do. Chris gave me freedom to do what I wanted to do and if I asked for help he would happily provide that. My backpack on the way home was about 9 kilo's of art over-weight.
It has been a great experience and a lot of fun to do.
Niels de Prest”





Rosemary Foder
      Rosemary Foder came with her husband on November 4th - 10th. 2008 to the Soapstone Studio . While on Quadra Island she carved the sculpture of an Owl transforming into a Killer-whale  
Carolla Christie

Carolla Christie took 7 days to carve her 85-pound Lindwurm out a 130-pound piece of Brazilian soapstone.  Carolla enjoys medieval sculpture and designed the Lindwurm after a type of dragon found in medieval German bestiaries.


“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and came away from the experience with new skills and ideas.  Chris is patient and knowledgeable – an ideal mentor and teacher.”



Gordon & Leslie Hamilton
Leslie and Gordon Hamilton spent a week in March 2008 at the Soapstone Studio and created a wonderful Frog (Gordon) and a nice Seal (Leslie)
Recently (9.Vi.2009) Gordon wrote:"That week will remain one of the best artistic experiences of my life and I really hope to repeat it sooner than later."
Vinay Chafekar



this sculpture was created between 18. February and 8. March 2008.

Vinay Chafekar wrote:."I did first call it 'Birth of a Man'.but changed the name to 'Emergence'........

"I was motivated to ask Chris Rose to teach me stone carving when I saw his  sculptures on Quadra Island artist studio tour. I found his work alive, full of motion and energy.This sculpture was my very first attempt at stone carving.It gave me an opportunity to express my creativity and  my own emergence in the sculpting world. Chris is a great mentor.he knew exactly when to guide me out of jam and allowed me to progress at my own speed.His guidance and sense of humour made the whole experience enjoyable. Thanks Chris.".Vinay Chafekar  



28 January 2010

This sculpture was created by a truly artistic process. The carving started with a 182 lb Brazilian Soapstone. In late 2009 Vinay conceived the idea of carving two young lovers in close embrace facing the storms of life protected under a warm blanket of love. A candle at the base – a symbol of the eternal flame of life flickering shadows on the faces and giving a warm glow to the sculpture.
In early January 2010 he came back after a two month break and shopped off the heads below the shoulder. The residue of the two heads is waiting for a new place and function.

An entirely new idea from the same rock formed the basis for the sculpture “Just Right”.  A beautiful representative piece of art! A bear resting his head on the right paw, draped on a rock, totally at ease with himself.  Life is “Just Right!”

88 lb final weight
27 cm H
35 cm L
28 cm


Dirk Van Der Minne

Dr.Dirk Van Der Minne made following comments (27.July 2007) about his “Father and Son" sculpture:

"Chris took me on as my teacher in June 2007. Apart from teaching me how carving is done, he put the energy, forward movement and balance into the work. The composition of the father showing an exciting, challenging, loving world to his son is my part of the creation. I also did most of the 45 hours of carving, under Chris's guidance. Chris made some very creative cuts a few times to give the sculpture direction and at the end showed me how a soapstone sculpture is finished with sand paper, paraffin and bees wax.

The started with a 98 lbs rock - it is now 42 lbs - 38 cm H, - 34 cm L, - 28 cm W."

Inge Agnes Knueppel
      Inge Knuepple and her husband visited Quadra Island from Germany for a few weeks in September/October 2006. As dancer and choreographer Inge was very interested in the dance sculptures in my studio. During their busy holiday she spent 5 days to carve "Die Amazone"  

Die Amazone

Weight: 35/85 lb

Height:35 cm, Long: 26 cm, Wide: 20 cm

      Jason Overy    

Jason Overy arrived on Quadra Island one day after his wedding in June 2006. He and his former wife spent their honeymoon, hiking, biking and most importantly each carved a sculpture from a 75 lbs Brazilian soapstone

      First Cut  






Second cut


second day of work for Jason & Cindy


Jason's finished sculpture:

The Honeymoon Drumer

14 lbs from 45 lbs

Height 10 1/8 inch

Width 7 1/2 inch

Deep 8 1/2



      Cindy Walters    
      Cindy Walters arrived on Quadra Island in June 2006. She spent her time hiking, biking and most importantly carving a sculpture from a 75 lbs Brazilian soapstone  

Cindy's finished sculptor:

The Honeymoon Yoga

13 lbs from 30 lbs

Hieight 8 7/8 inch

Width 8 1/2 inch

Deep 7 7/8 inch




Michelle McCutchon-van Dongen

Michelle McCutchon, Coquitlam, BC. started carving her sculpture on April 24th. and finished on April 29.

Easter 2005 was all work for Michelle, while her husband Kelly looked after the kids and meals.


Shayne Perkins

Shayne Perkins, Reddeer, Alberta started the carving on the first day of the Olympic 2004 using a 74 lbs Brazilian soapstone. Six days later he was able to present the 34 lbs sculpture to his mother in recognition of her love and devotion to her children

Marking Stone

First day Carving

Fifth Day of Carving

Fifth Day of Carving

Fifth Day of Carving


      Reiley Nord    

Stone inspection by Reiley Nord, formerly a student of CARIHI High School in Campbell River preparing to carve his sculpture "Emerging Man"

Emerging Man

      Garnet Scott    
Garnet carving his Sumo Wrestlers

Sumo Wrestlers

      Work station 1  

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